BabyHawk Mei Tai

I searched far and wide for the perfect baby carrier when I was pregnant. I had been pressured into "babywearing": the idea that having your baby pressed against you at all times will somehow raise their iq, make them nicer, and create a never-ending bond that will quell even the darkest teen-to-mom angst. Whether or not that is true, time will tell. But I found a really cool carrier!

Babyhawk is a company that makes mei-tai's, an ancient asian baby carrier. (And as you know, wearing a carrier based on an exotic traditional ethnic custom raises you a couples steps on the granola ladder). But mostly, babyhawks are cute and comfy. They hold the baby in a papoose style, and can be purchased in a variety of hip fabrics and colors. They can hold a newborn up to a toddler, and you can wear the baby in front or in back. Best of all, they look cool on daddy, too.

So if you are in the market for a sling, give this one a try!


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