Come on and get "Fancy"

My daughter has been a pretty die-hard fan of Fancy Nancy for a while now.  I mean what little girl would not fall in love with Fancy Nancy?  She is pinkalicious, she decorates her room with Christmas ornaments all year long, accessorizes every outfit, and uses words like "posh" and "bonjour".  I think all of woman-kind has a bit of "fancy" in us.

So, we read the Fancy Nancy book series.  A lot.  If you are looking for a gift idea for a little girl in your life who happens to be in the age range of 3 to 8 years old, I think you would score big points with any of these titles by Jane O'Connor:
I love when we can take a beloved character from books and bring them into our world of play in other forms, and there is now a pretty fun line of dress up clothes (tutus, dress up dresses, shoes, ballet slippers, sunglasses, purse), a posh puppy named Frenchi, a Fancy Nancy doll (there are even dress up clothes for the doll) that are sold at Target and other online retailers.

These Fancy Nancy games and activities are also a ton of fun!  My daughter and I have been playing the Fancy Nancy Dress Up game a ton.  It is a really simple game (my 2 year old can even play with us), but is a lot of fun.  She also loves to "accessorize" Fancy Nancy's bedroom with all the cling on stickers that she can take off and put back on to her little heart's desire!

I think that it would be a super cute gift bundle to give a little girl any of the books and one of these games, or one of the books and some of the dress up stuff, or the Posh Puppy book and the little posh puppy toy to go with it.  These are books and toys that have captured by daughter's heart and held her attention for a really long time!

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