Nature's Inventory Essential Oils

If there is one thing that we believe around here, it is that there are a lot of solutions to everyday health problems found in nature and in holistic forms of health care.  We recently stumbled upon a company that it working hard to provide some of those solutions in the form of essential oils.  The story behind Nature's Inventory & their Wellness Oils is that a woman was dealing with a debilitating autoimmune disease, so she responded by seeking after healing and wellness in natural sources.  Her company now offers all sorts of "wellness oils", which are blends of essential oils that have been formulated to aid in specific conditions, such as:

There are tons and tons more of amazing blends available for Women, Children, Babies, and all sorts of ailments.  I have been using the Sleep Aid oil over the past week and have honestly noticed that as I massage the oils into my neck, shoulders and arms, that I do begin to feel more relaxed.  The lavender and jasmine scents are super dreamy.  Just what we want to help us drift off, right?

It is refreshing in a day and age where there are many, many chemicals in our environments, in our body care items, and in our food that we are trying to avoid, that there is a company working hard to develop these products that bring the best chemicals and oils nature has to offer to the consumer.  It is also refreshing to see that there are some alternatives to try for ailments and struggles that vary from prescription drugs.

What we love about these oil blends is:
  • they are made of unique blends of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils
  • they help naturally remove toxins from your cells
  • essential oils can help wounds and scars heal more quickly
  • emotionally, essential oils stimulate memories and hormones to combat depression, grief and stress-related disorders
  • when you apply the oils to your skin, they are absorbed directly into your bloodstream (another reminder that what you put ON your skin, goes INTO your body) and they are regularly used by chiropractors, massage therapists, spas and physical therapists in therapy and treatments
  • these oils are all in an organic oil base, and are certified organic, have no drug interactions, are non-habit forming  and have no known side effects

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