The Rock Star Diaper Bag

It's really no wonder that celebs like Heidi Klum and Tori Spelling choose a diaper bag from Nest's chic collection. Nest does the UN-diaper bag: sleek, hip bags that will have even your non-mommy friends asking "where'd you get that?" No one would guess that tucked in the glossy, glamourous exterior are nooks and crannies for diapers, bottles, and even a changing station.

We got the pleasure of trying out Nest's Mercer bag, a glossy patent-leather satchel with suede details. This is not your mother's diaper bag. In fact, it looks like a high-end purse. I could decide which I liked more: the shiny leather exterior or the tiffany-blue satin lining. It was all so pretty. So very, very pretty that it felt almost sacriligious throwing raisins and wipes into the bag. This bag was nicer than most purses I've owned. And pricier.

But boy, did it turn heads. And I loved the fact that I fit the contents of my purse in it as well, and didn't need to negotiate the purse/diaper bag shoulder war. Just one bag . . . what a concept! Perhaps I can justify the price. Just think of the money I'll save on purses. Right?

Some great features of this bag:

  • A fabric strip across the top keeps the bag from spilling over
  • 2 interior bottle holders and 2 divided pockets to store toys, books, or extra clothing
  • Waterproof interior lining can be zipped out to wipe down
  • Separate, zippered diaper compartment at the bottom of the bag includes extra large changing pad, diaper and wipes pockets
  • Hard bottom with gold toned feet keep the bag upright
  • Removable, adjustable long strap for stroller
I think this diaper bag is the most glam bag for baby stuff that we've ever seen, and for all it's rock-star umph, it's actually really practical. Function meets fashion. It's a splurge, but for mamas who want to look hot, the Mercer is your bag!

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