Zebra Mix - stirring up fun!

I am so excited about this new find - Zebra Mix Baking Kits!  It is a baking mix that also provides a fun & engaging activity to do with your kids.  Each Zebra Mix comes with a large foldout 18' x 24' "Safari Baking Map" that leads kids through the step by step instructions of the baking process in a super fun way.  My kids loved following the map from start to finish and checking off the box after completing a task.  I loved the reminders on the map to make the baking process fun, engaging & educational, and interactive! Each Safari Baking Map is double-sided with unique activities tailored for different age groups -- side 1 is for kids 4-9, and side 2 is for 9 and up.  

What I think I love the most about this product is that it does not contain any artificial ingredients, used over 70% organic ingredients and does not have even a trace of partially hydrogenated oils (that is hard to find in baking mixes)!  Parents just have to provide a couple fresh ingredients, such as fresh eggs and butter, and mouth-watering treats are on their way!  Even their decorating sugars found in the Cupcake Kit are colored with all-natural vegetable dyes!  

{these taste even better than they look!}

Visit the Zebra Mix website to check out more and to see where you can find these mixes for chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, and cupcake & frosting kit!   This is a great & affordable gift idea that you know will be put to good use (rainy day activity AND a snack!), and would be super cute to bundle up with a cute apron or mixing bowl!

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