Oh Cranium, how do I love thee?

Let me count thy ways...

I love your clever games for kids that are even fun for me to play.  

I love how you sneak education into your games, like when we are fishing for letters and spelling words in Polar Bear ABC and Balloon Lagoon.  

Or, how you teach my kids about colors, numbers, letters and shapes in Cariboo.

I love watching my kids do a silly monkey dance and take the winning bow when we are playing Hullabaloo.  Thank you for creating games like this that promote activity in a fun way!

I love your "Fun Ideas" resources on your web page.  You have given me many special memories with my kids!

Cranium, you had me at hello.  The very first time I sat down to play my first Cranium game (Cariboo), I was smitten.  I loved the key and the opening of the mini doors.  I loved watching my daughter open the mini doors and lean forward with great anticipation and then announce, "A Ball!"  Dropping the balls into the hole and waiting to see the treasure chest open.  It was a simple game, but it was so fun.

But, the latest game that has stolen my heart is Puppy Pals Bingo.  You have taken the classic game ["bingo"] and turned it into a better version of itself.  My kids swoon over the puppy tokens and delight in hearing each puppy's name (every puppy token has a different puppy face and name).  My 2 year old son can play this game!  (Thank you for that.)  The bingo cards are so cute with their different dog house designs.  And, lastly, you have made learning colors, shapes and patterns super fun!  

I love you, Cranium, and I don't care if the whole world knows it!

[If you are ever looking for a fun gift item for any child of any age, reach for the Cranium games!  They are kid tested and mother approved every time!!!]

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