Lifeway ProBiotic Bug Drinks

I have been a longtime fan of the concept of probiotics. It makes sense to me that flooding your tummy with healthy bacteria will keep the "bad germs" in line. But getting my kids to eat yogurt has not always been an easy task. Enter the concept of drinking your bugs!

Pro-bugs is Lifeway's new line of Organic Whole Milk Kefir with fun characters and packaging that will have your kids interested in kefir (yogurt's bacteria-rich cousin) in seconds flat. I have always been a fan of Lifeway Kefir, but my kids were never interested in drinking this heavy liquid from a cup. When this colorful new packaging arrived, my kids were begging for them, and drank them up! These drinks are a bit on the sweet side, but with 10 live and active cultures (friendly bacteria), I figured it was an easy sacrifice. I think the folks at Lifeway are on to something with this packaging, and I'm thrilled my kids are excited about this healthy new drink!

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