Loopa Bowl

The Loopa Gyro Bowl is a revolutionary new bowl designed to keep finger foods from defying gravity! The inner bowl is on an orbit with the lid, so that when turned upside-down, the lid encloses the food. We thought this was a pretty ingenious product, and one of very few products on the market designated to minimizing spills. The designers at Loopa certainly had moms in mind.

On a test-drive with our new bowl, my kids were so enthralled with the shape that I was barely able to get food into the bowl. My son thought he had a new spaceship, and immediately filled the bowl with Little People. He played with it for a long time, and I think this bowl may double as a toy for many budding astronauts. Once I was able to put the product to use, my kids had fun eating out of it, but also had fun trying to spill their contents. It became a little game, one that wore mommy out quickly, and one they learned to be pretty successful at.

I give the bowl an A+ for ingenuity, but it may be relegated as a toy in my house . . .

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