Santa Cruz Organic Tea

Did you know that October is Fair Trade month? In the spirit of valuing products that use responsible and ethical business practices, we would love to highlight the newest product from a great company. Santa Cruz Organics has a new yummy tea that we think just make you swear off the soda. Oh yeah, did we mention it's organic, too?

Santa Cruz Organic Teas come in four refreshing flavors:

Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Tea: a sophisticated splash of 'not-too-sweet' lemon flavor.
Santa Cruz Organic Peppermint Tea: a peppermint with enough cooling power to tackle dry desert heat and muggy southern nights.
Santa Cruz Organic Raspberry Tea: a well-balanced raspberry, ripe with mid-summer flavor.
Santa Cruz Organic Mango Tea: smooth mango able to outshine any tropical concoction.

Peppermint was my favorite - a perfect pick-me-up during the mid-day blahs. Santa Cruz Organics can be found at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and online at

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