over the moon for boon

When we saw the company "boon" and their tagline "innovations for modern parents", we knew we have to investigate.  What we have learned is that is a company that is creating some fun and innovative stuff for parents to use with their kids.  They are also working hard to create products that are safer for our kids, and we are big fans of safer stuff in our kids' world!

Here is what we LOVE:

  • These bath toys do not absorb water, reducing mold and mildew. Their contemporary colors and funky forms look great in the modern bath. The mini-scrubbies are designed to fit little hands perfectly. The funky shapes inspire great free-play and creative stories during our kids' baths.  They are all phthalate and PVC free.

  • The Squirt baby food dispensing spoon allows for convenient feeding. The easy-to-fill bulb holds up to 3 ounces of baby food and attaches firmly to the spoon end. Simply squeeze the bulb to dispense just the right amount of food. Squirt comes with a protective cover to seal food in and keep the spoon clean between feedings. By combining the spoon and food container into one product, Squirt makes one-handed feeding a snap.  You know what this means - mama can feed the baby and catch the food the cheerios your toddler is rolling off the table!  This handy dandy tool is also BPA, phthalate and PVC free!

  • The Fluid No-spill Toddler Cup is a streamlined no-spill toddler cup that has an ergonomic, two-handed grip that is perfect for small hands. The angled spout requires less head tipping, making it more comfortable to use.  It really seems so easy to hold for little hands.  It is BPA, phthalate and PVC free!

  • The Catch Bowl is a toddler bowl with a built in spill catcher attached.
    The built-in food catcher extends toward the child, funneling runaway food back into the bowl. Made from easy-to-clean soft material, the food catcher flexes when bumped. To help avoid bigger spills, a suction cup bottom keeps the Catch Bowl firmly in place.  Unlike many of the other "suction bowls" on the market, this one actually stays put through the entire meal in my home.  I have been thrilled with the fact that my son can now shovel apple sauce, tomato soup and cereal w/ milk into his mouth without creating a work of modern art on his t-shirt.  This product is also BPA, phthalate and PVC free!

  • The Groovy Interlocking Plate and Bowl Set looks a bit wacky, but we are total believers!  This interlocking plate and bowl set includes a toddler-sized plate with two separate compartments plus two small bowls that attach to the edge of the plate in a variety of positions. The small bowls are perfect for dipping—always an engaging activity at mealtime—or for serving small portions.  This product is also BPA, phthalate and PVC free!

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