I think sometimes when you think of "eco-friendly" clothing you think of clothes that look and feel like burlap.  Or, maybe you think of lots of tie-dye.  

We happen to believe that there are some pretty fabulous clothing options that are also eco-friendly.  One of our favorites is Simple Shoes.  

I love that in this current day and age, where there are so many companies touting their 
"green-ness" (totally a word), or declaring their love for our planet, that Simple is just making really great shoes that are sustainably made and eco-friendly.  

I love that they make their products out of this stuff:
I love that they refer to themselves as "a nice little shoe company getting in touch with its inner hippie."  I think that is what we are doing at Mama Manifesto in our "Going Granola" category - we are just everyday moms trying to get in touch with our inner hippy, in an attempt to cultivate greater respect and stewardship of our planet, as well as trying to care for our families with healthier products.

The bottom line on Simple's products is that they are absolutely legit in touting their eco-friendliness!  And, they are comfy.  And, they are cute.

Here are our current favorites that will fit the WHOLE FAMILY:

We think that the bags that Simple has are great for diaper bags!

You can shop online at Simple's site, or go here to find a retailer near you.

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