The Non-Frumpy Diaper Bag by Storksak.

There is nothing like finding a diaper bag that you love. I mean, this is pretty much every moms "essential accessory" when she is out and about with baby. I don't know about you, but I have always felt that it is just a tad deflating when you have actually gone to the trouble to shower, dress yourself in real clothes (not sweats or exercise clothing), brush your teeth, and dress up your face to get "out" looking like a bit more like your pre-baby self AND then you walk out the door with something slung over your shoulder that immediately shouts to the world:

"I am a MOM! I am carrying so much stuff in this bag! I will change poopy diapers today! Anyone need a snack, because you know I must have them in this thing!"

Well, I have stumbled upon a diaper bag that does not scream "I am a frumpy mom" to the world. It looks like a purse, but it has all the functional options of a diaper bag. May I introduce you to ... Storksak's Emily Bag.

Here is what I love about this bag:
  • it has multiple pockets to stash all that stuff (two in the front, 6 on the inside)
  • it has its own diaper changing mat that fits neatly inside one of the interior pockets
  • it has a wipe clean interior lining (goodbye cheerio crumbs!)
  • it has two insulated pockets on the sides of the bag that hold a bottle or small sippy cup, keeping contents cool or warm for up to 4 hours!
  • the shoulder strap is adjustable
  • it has a detachable makeup bag on the inside, or you can use it to quickly run into a store with your phone and credit card inside
  • the pewter and bronze colors are so very glamorous!
  • I also LOVE that this bag will still be in use long after the baby has outgrown diapers. I am all for "responsible consumerism"! I think that if we purchase products that will last us longer we will be kinder to our own budgets and to the earth (everything we buy has a cost to our environment!). This is a diaper bag that will last through the baby stage (because it is well made), and will still be in use as a purse long after the diaper stage!
There is a reason why the Ellen show chose this bag to give away to their audience of moms, and there is a reason why Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie tote this bag around town...

...because it still feels like a purse, but still allows you to have all of baby's necessities at your fingertips!

You can find the Emily Bag at Storksak's website here (they have tons of other diaper bags too) or at a Niemen Marcus near you.

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