Vintage Momma Jewelry

Vintage Momma is our new favorite jewelry designer, and we are even more excited by how reasonable her designs are for the thrifty mom. All of Vintage Momma's designs are created by hand by a fabulous mom of three (and Mama Manifesto reader). Vintage Momma is committed to using the most natural materials possible, and to reuse/recycle/upcycle as much of her product, without sacrificing any quality. Please check out her online store to see all of the amazing and well-priced jewlery she has to offer.

Also, 5% of ALL Vintage Momma sales go to the Haiti Rescue Center (one of our favorite charities doing amazing work in Haiti) and 5% goes to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Association. Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Sounds like a good time to give, and this is one mama who is giving back!

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